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Elite Day

You know when you meet somebody (friend or new friend) and you just start getting into life’s real matters. Time goes by and you two get deeper, things open up, you get sucked into this delicious vortex of things you never had time to get into when chats are short. That’s what this experience is like.

We start with the full Scientific Hand Analysis Session before your Elite Day. Your hands become your map. We schedule your Elite Day (in person or virtual).  We spend full day together! We go deep and clear what’s holding you back right now. Get clear on next steps. Create a plan. You come out light, clear, seen, heard, transformed. This is when you take action and see life shift immediately.
This experience is perfect for you, if you need one specific thing to shift in your life, immediately.
It’s like hitting a reset button and turbo charging your desires.

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Platinum One on One Experience

This is super focused, customized to you one on one experience. We play together for 6 months. We identify, clear, design and implement, then we make sure that your life sticks. We start with Scientific Hand Analysis and Elite Day, you also get to participate in the Free Your Wings group experience, so you get me all to yourself and you get the support of the community. Best of all that I offer and this is for you if you are serious, committed and ready to live your desired life (even if you are not clear right now what it is).

Let’s find out if this is right step for you right now. Click on the button below to schedule your free Discovery Session.