Are YOU READY to discover the clues to your success in love and what is holding you back from fully opening your heart and enjoying true love?

Hands are the clue to who we are and what we need to honor in yourselves.

Imagine knowing without a doubt what your heart wants and how to ask for it.

We can discover and confirm it all during your Scientific Hand Analysis session.

“Your heart is so broken”
She said. I responded with a silent but powerful sob. It ripped through my belly and heart and started to push through my throat but I couldn’t make a noise. I don’t know how long it lasted but she waited on the side of the phone, until I could breath again, until I could use my voice again.”I know” I whispered finally. I never have felt so seen, so accepted, so relieved.

That’s when my healing and journey to true love truly begun.
I had a list of broken relationships, almost marriage and a lot of near misses of a terrible mistake.
My heart was closed and nobody had a chance to get in.

She explained to me what all the lines on my heat line meant, asked me about situations that may have caused hurt, anger, break. I could start healing because I knew where to look and what to address.

This was my personal experience and a catalyst to me doing this work.

Our hearts are our center, the place we live from. Yet, I see so many broken hearts, power give away markings, betray markings, bending backwards markings.

We get scared by life and often we don’t take time to heal properly, trust openly and receive what life has to offer us.

I am changing that, one heart line at a time.

Let me show you what is blocking you from living with a truly open heart.

Let me show you where you maybe giving away power.

Let me show you what you need to feel loved and how you express love. It will help you to ask for what you want, honor who you truly are and what your hearts truly wants.

We will determine which of the 5 heart line types you have and what it means to you and your partner.

We will also dive into other parts of your hand, your super power, your blind spots, extra potential gifts you may not be using, your connection between your feminine and masculine (crucial for harmonious relationships).

Hands are the clue to who we are and what we need to honor in yourselves.

Imagine knowing without a doubt what your heart wants and how to ask for it.

We can discover and confirm it all during your Scientific Hand Analysis session.

This is Speaking of Partnership Special Offer for the full Scientific Hand Analysis $350
(Save $150 off of regular investment of $500). Book it NOW!

If you would like to learn more…

Watch NOW to learn what Scientific Hand Analysis is all about and what it is not. Click image below to play.

Using the repeatable, demonstrable and teachable system of the Scientific Hand Analysis, you will discover:

  • Your Life Lesson: Also Known As Blind Spot

  • Your Life School: Spiritual Training Camp

  • Your Life Purpose: Your BIG WHY. Your Superpower

  • Extra Potential Gift Markings

  • Heart Line and Heart Line Markings, Power Giveaways

Imagine knowing without a doubt what work your are here to do and where to put your energy.
And if you love your work, how to do it even better, easier.
Imagine being able to identify what challenges, are the opportunities to transform and which ones are just bumpers, showing you that you stepped away from your purpose and how to get back on track.
Imagine having the confidence to keep moving forward without a doubt and having your unique reminder of your “BIG WHY”, right in your hands.

Scientific hand analysis reading changed the trajectory of my life.

It confirmed what I knew on a certain level, but refused to admit.
After the first session I made a choice to move forward towards my life purpose and create the life I truly wanted to live. I have not looked back.


Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School are determined based on your finger print patternsDid you know that you made your finger prints when you were in the utero? Before you could hear, speak, see, breath air even, your finger prints were already set. And they never, ever change. ​They are with you for life and they are unique to you, even identical twins have different prints.
Your purpose has been in your hands your whole life and it is not going away. Is it time to learn or confirm what it is?

And there are all these lines in the hands, some are form EXTRA POTENTIAL GIFT MARKINGS.
Sounds juicy doesn’t it. Only 10% of population has them, they are super special.
You may think that having them IS a gift. Well, not so fast.
If they show up on your hand, you asked for them but are living on the Student Path of them (suffering from penalties).
Once you know what they are, we move you into the Master Path and your gift becomes your best friend.

And, did you ever hear about the heart lines, head lines, life lines, fate lines/career lines, opportunity lines? They are all in your hands.
They can tell you about how you need to be loved, your best method of solving problems and
the lifestyle that based on your soul’s desires, fits you best. What may be the next opportunity you are already aligned to use, to maximize your energy.

Your hands truly are like your personal map to who YOU are.

Everyone should at least give it a try. Have your prints analyzed.
It may confirm what you know, it may give you permission to stop waiting and start living.
It may teach you something new about yourself that will free you.

Whether you are searching for your purpose, searching for meaning, keep finding yourself in the same situation that challenges you, your hands are the window and the map. They have the answers you have been looking for. It is up to you to reach them out, ink them up and have a trained expert (me) analyze your prints.​

How this works:

  1. Click below to order your session.
  2. We will send you hand printing kit with detailed instructions. It takes about 5-10  minutes to make your prints.
  3. When done, send your prints back using stamped and addressed envelope, included in your printing kit.
  4. As soon as your prints arrive, we will schedule your first session. You can do the sessions from the comfort of your home, via video call. The sessions will be recorded.
  5. During or before the sessions you can ask any questions you want to get answered based on your hand prints. We can also focus on a specific area of your life.
  6. After the session you will receive a report with you Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School, recording of your session, so you can go back to it anytime. Most importantly, it is one thing to get all the information your hands reveal, until you do something with it, nothing will change. We will decide on the next step you can take with the information. It will still be up to you to take that step.

“Anna is very skilled at showing more insight based on this “reading”. What to watch out for (when you’re on a student path) and when you feel the best (when on master path). Decision making style, etc. Everything made perfect sense. What I loved about the reading is that it wasn’t about mental headiness. The information is useful regardless what path one follows in terms of family decisions, work decisions, etc.”


“I recently received a hand reading from Anna and it blew me away.  I had a hand reading a few years ago and it was informational, but not actionable.  Anna not only let me know what was written in my hand she gave me clear steps to take so I can make the most of what my hands revealed.  She gave me direction.  Plus it is clear that this is a passion of hers which was beautiful to witness.  I highly recommend getting a reading from Anna even if you have had your hands read before.”


This is Speaking of Partnership Special Offer for the full Scientific Hand Analysis $350
(Save $150 off of the regular investment of $500). Book it NOW!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the session. Maybe you think I’m a load of crack or what I showed you in your hands makes absolutely no sense to you. We honor 24 hour refund policy. Within 24 hours after your reading, you can ask for your money back. I will ask you why, but only to learn what I can do better next time.
Note: nobody has walked away asking for a refund yet, even skeptics saw themselves mirrored back to them.