There is a plan for your life, to live a fulfilling, satisfying life that you love, contributing to humanity in a way that only you can and in a way that serves you.

You have a Unique Soul Purpose that only You can fulfill. Unless you express this purpose this lifetime, this unique energy will never be expressed in the world, ever. Your life is a gift, you give back by living your life aligned with your Soul Purpose.

When your life and work are aligned with your Soul Purpose and your design, you have a sense of fulfillment, contribution, satisfaction and success.

You begin to start recognizing and fulfilling on guidance that comes from your Higher Self. Your Higher Self knows the plan of your life and knows how you fit in the world, right now. Following this guidance requires trust and confidence and as you follow it, your confidence and trust expands.

“Anna’s Success Bootcamp was a complete game-changer for me. At three years into my business, I knew I needed to make a change. The way I was working was not sustainable and my mental headspace was so unhealthy. I had actually written in my journal a week prior to meeting with Anna that I needed help…I needed a change. And then, there was Anna and Success Bootcamp! Thanks to her program I have a new outlook on life and a new outlook on my business. I went from considering closing down my business to being invigorated and excited and knowing that this new way of operating is sustainable because I am finally trusting, calm, and confident in what I’m doing. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Anna!

Meghan Dicklin

Scientific Hand Analysis

Our fingerprints, lines in your palms, special markings, even shape of our hands and fingers, are your unique map to who you are and what purpose you came here to fulfill. Before you create anything in your life, make sure it is aligned with your Soul Purpose, make sure you know what your Blind Spot is and check in on any Extra Potential Gift Markings, Learn more here.

Sacred Success Alignment

You have a Unique Soul Purpose you came here to fulfill. If your life feels like it is missing something, you feel disconnected, lost, unfulfilled, restless, you are not aligned with your Soul Purpose.

If you are asking yourself “is there more?”, “there must be more”, “what am I here for?”, you are ready to align with YOUR UNIQUE SOUL PURPOSE.

There are 5 shifts that will bring your life and business in alignment with your Unique Soul Purpose, so that you can start fulfilling it. Waking up knowing your life has a meaning and you are making a difference, an impact in a way only you can, while making money.  Go here to watch “5 Shifts to go from Soul-sucking to Purposeful in life and business, even if you don’t know what your purpose is yet”.

Don’t know where to start? Book a complimentary session, let’s talk and see what’s next for you and if I can be your partner in creating your next level of Sacred Success.

Words of Praise

Thanks to what I confirmed with your analysis, I could see the opportunity and clarity in saying YES to an opportunity. Do you see how amazing your hand analysis is??? If everyone operated from the wisdom in their hands, then fear would not be an issue.


Our hand analysis session is having incredible ripple effects in my life. You are waking people up with this work! Even those who thought we were awake! You are waking me up.  Many thanks and so much love!!


I’m so grateful for the clarity and reinforcement of purpose I received from Anna’s analysis of my hands, and the revelation of my life’s lesson exactly fits my main area of struggle for most of my life. There were some incredible surprises too that go beyond coincidence and are incredibly inspiring and exciting to explore further. I would absolutely recommend getting your hands Anna’lyzed if you want clarity on your purpose in life.