Most of the people who come to me are spiritual and creative, but they are blocked. They settled for a life that stifled both creativity and spirituality, and/or they are not allowing themselves to own these gifts.

And there are those who already get to contribute in creative ways, own their connection to spirit, but they are blocked. Their Muse is napping and the line between them and the Source is on hold.

There are also those who are just frustrated, tried everything and are still banging their head against the wall, feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied.

At several points of my life, I fit in all of the above categories.
It would be my honor to guide you through your own, unique to you process of making it to the other side of life, the exciting, connected, flowing, creative one.

Few Ways to Play Together

Scientific Hand Analysis

Our fingerprints, lines and markings in our hands provide more direct look into ourselves than any other system of self discovery. Before you create anything in your life, make sure it is aligned with your Purpose, make sure you know what your Blind Spot is and check in on any Extra Potential Gift Markings, they may just be the boost you can use in life.

Dance & Paint

No Skill. No Experience. No Talent Required!
This is an experience that combines the alchemy that happens when we move our bodies to music, and the power of accessing the Divine through a creative activity of painting.

Work With Me

We can’t smell our own stink and most of the time are clever enough to talk ourselves out of things.
That’s why if you want anything to change, and I assume you do, that’s why you’re here, you cannot do it alone.

Words of Praise

Thanks to what I confirmed with your analysis, I could see the opportunity and clarity in saying YES to an opportunity. Do you see how amazing your hand analysis is??? If everyone operated from the wisdom in their hands, then fear would not be an issue.


Our hand analysis session is having incredible ripple effects in my life. You are waking people up with this work! Even those who thought we were awake! You are waking me up.  Many thanks and so much love!!


The creative juices have been overflowing since our session. I am blissed out making art and writing.