Dance & Paint

Dance is like a prayer.

Dance has been used for ages, as a medium to communicate with the source.
Our bodies are vessels for creative energy (the energy that creates our life and experiences) we open to, allow (or not) to flow through us. They are a storage of all we have lived through, felt through or hid from the world.

Painting is the expression of the message to us from the Divine.

We leave the mind out. We focus on moving the brush over the paper, expressing what comes up and through us.
It is liberating to not have find words to express what comes up.

Maybe I needed a few days to let this amazing experience sink in even more, into all the layers of my being. What a transformative experience, so many emotions and thoughts came up I wasn’t aware were still not released while I live my busy life. The night of the event I went home and practiced my talk for General Assembly, I was giving the day after, and this time it flowed. The words and my thoughts, easily. I worked a lot with blue and my throat chakra and it manifested in a calm and flowing way in my talk the next day and it made me smile and smile!
Thank you Anna for providing this beautiful, empowering, and creative space.
You truly have a gift to find new and inspiring ways to heal people. “Dance & Paint – Heal Your Heart” was a truly transformative experience.