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The Universe is trying to change our planet through you

What if? What if the Universe is trying to change our planet through you?

You know, I believe that every single one of us was born to fulfill a very specific purpose. It’s not just a thing you do; it’s not a fixed thing either. It’s an ever-evolving, growing-with-you experience. Energy expressing itself through you in a specific way.

There was a time, a long stretch of time, when I searched and searched. I changed everything in my life, time and time again. After a while this new ‘thing’ (new job, new town, new business) I thought would be my saving grace, became the same old thing.

I was envious of people who just seemed to know secrets about life that clearly wasn’t given.

One day? No, I can’t tell you that it was a one-day turnaround. It wasn’t. It was a decision I made over and over again. But one day I decided that I would not stop – ever; that life would happen through me and in a way that served my highest good.

I kept learning to open, to know, to be the woman who lives her best life and feels great about it. I kept asking and allowing the next step. Step after step.

That’s what I teach my clients now. I can tell you your purpose right away. It takes commitment to be the person who actually lives it. And that’s what we are called to right now – to be the people we are contracted at the soul level to be.

The Universe is changing the planet through you and me. When we answer the call, we step into the stream of oneness. Co-creative components align, people show up, opportunities become visible. Still, you must be the person who receives guidance and takes the step.

Years ago I fell in love with hand analysis. It wasn’t love at first sight. I had my own hands analyzed, and it was truly life changing. It took another three years for me to get the full body yes to learning this tool to help others be seen and align with their purpose.

I was able to hear the calling to hand analysis because of all the work I did to prepare for it.

Clarity is temporary. If you don’t stay focused and open, your conditioned behavior will put you back to sleep by default. It takes commitment to live a purposeful, Spirit-guided life. Yes, you may know ‘it’ within minutes, but it takes commitment to live ‘it’.

We have a choice. You have a choice. Stay in the default or let the Universe change our planet through you.

2020 is different. It will not be another year you look back at and see clearly what you should have done. It will be the year you let the Universe change our planet through you. I invite you to have a call with me. It’s time.

~ Anna

It’s not yours, so give it up. Part 2

This is part 2 of this email and I will share what I learned about giving up what’s not
mine to have, how to know and the price for ignoring it.
I am diving right in. If you haven’t read part 1, go here.
When I first felt my wings they were tightly bound. Restricted.
I didn’t know they were wings but I knew I felt trapped.
If I knew then what I know now, I would have gone through a process of elimination,
but I didn’t know it then so I up and left the life I was creating. All of it.
Fiance, houses cars, dogs, business, life plans.
I kept going back and forth to him and that life, for next 7 years.
Until he got pregnant and decided to marry the soon to be mother of his child.
I was relieved, I no longer had to keep choosing and questioning.
He made the choice for me, I was free to move on.
And, it came with a price I have been paying since.
I stayed in jobs too long. Kept friends too long.
Went on 3rd, 4th, 5th date, months into dating realizing that I knew on the 2nd date,
it was not the right person for me.
The price I have been paying – time, self respect, self doubt, breaking trust in my intuition.
It took me a while to decipher the feelings I had after decisions were made for me,
after I neglected to act on what I knew was right.
I was pissed. I felt betrayed. I felt resigned, another wrong decision.
I felt like something was taken away from me too soon. I had no choice in the matter.
I felt powerless. I even told stories of my victimhood and injustice. I justified my
not taking action sooner. I needed the money (projects). Another month so I can save
a little more (jobs). He is trying and I am being so harsh (boyfriends).
It is so tough to make good friends, we grow through forgiveness and 2nd chances (friendships).
Then I sat my sorry ass down and dug deep.
What I dug up was stinky and dark.
My wings stayed in bondage for as long as I kept clinging to what no longer worked for me.
True freedom comes when we can finally trust ourselves.
You will hear me say “nothing is a mistake, it is all a lesson”. Yes, true.
Ask me on my dead bed how many lessons I wish I learned the first time
Feeling of betray was me betraying myself, my inner knowing.
Something was taken away too soon, I had no choice in the matter, was really me not doing it when I knew it was time.
My choice to end it was taken away, by me, by delaying.
Victimhood, was me giving away the power to end what I knew has expired.
Here is what I know right now and what I vowed to trust myself with:
1. Trust myself when I feel that something is not right for me.
It may take time for me to acknowledge it fully and know what I need to do and that’s ok.
2. If I push it away and it keeps coming back to me, it is mine to experience.
    If I push it away and it leaves, I let it go.
3. If I have to make a list of pros and cons, I probably already know the answer, but
    need “reasonable” reasons. This is in case people ask me if I really thought about it.
4. If I wait for somebody else to make the decision for me (like my ex-fiance), I will
    pay the price. Part of me will feel betrayed. Part of me will feel like a victim. Both will eat away at my confidence. Not fun.
5. If I leave when I know I need to go (no matter how hard), I will question it. Especially
    if things don’t start working out for me immediately. It’s ok, make a list of pros.
6. Everything is energy. The longer I hold onto the form that no longer serves me,
    the longer I block what will serve me, from coming in. I trust that something is always waiting to come in, it just needs space.
7. I know best what is best for me. Always. It’s ok to ask people I trust so I can get
    perspectives I may not have considered. And, I know best what is best for me.
8. I TRUST ME. no matter what. even when it hurts my heart.
9. I toss a coin. This test beats all above. Seriously, try it. I toss the coin!
Heads = stay/keep, Tails = leave/let go. I toss.
    How do I feel about the result?
10. Make a list of all the things you will be free to do and experience when it is out of your life.

      See how you feel.

I know by now you know that thing you have been holding onto for too long. I know you know.

Got that? I know you know. It can be a thing, a person, a project, situation.

Ready to let go?

I am here to support you. I mean it. Click reply and share. Don’t go it alone.

To Your Freedom (of choice),


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