Is the Universe testing you?

Has this ever happened to you?

You are putting in the work, aligning with what you want to create. Shifting your mindset, shifting your soul set, shifting your heart set. With energy carefully aligned, you fall asleep with it in your heart.

Something happens; a sign that the thing you are creating is about show up in your world. You get excited. It’s working!

The next day, you wake up, and something opposite happens. Most of the time it works like this with money.

You are breaking through a belief, money shows up {happy dance}… BAM! Your car breaks down; you get a flat.

A long, long time ago I used to believe (I am sure some well-meaning person told me this), that the Universe was testing my commitment, my faith, my decision to shift this belief.

Maybe. And here is a perspective I like these days.

The Universe doesn’t care to test you! The Universe will show you the exact mirror image of your vibration, your subconscious image.

Now, here is a way I like to look at those ‘bad’ things happening, just as I get a taste of my manifestation coming to reality. You know, like getting extra money, and then the car breaks down.

What if that thing that happened is showing you a belief that’s still running the show? Perhaps it’s a chance to look deeper and get a head start before you go for something that really matters to you, such as lifelong purpose, love, prosperity…


You may not think so, as you use all that extra money to pay for fixing your car.

But what if I had this chat with you in six months and you said, “Anna, remember when my car broke down, and I had a chance to dig dipper, see a belief I was blind to? And then we cleared it? Well, my business just hit six figures, I am buying a house, and I sure am glad I cleared that belief. Now I know I can keep expanding, instead of dodging the next breakdown.”

The Universe is not testing you. You are testing you. And that’s a good thing.

~ Anna

Are you waiting for something to change or are you creating?

You are either waiting for something to change, or you are creating something new.

You are tired of how things have been. You have a vision, but it feels like something way out in the future. You know you have a purpose, but you are missing the target on living it.

You still work hard to make money and know there is another way. It works for everybody else, but you have no idea how to make it work for you.

“Something has to change,” you hear yourself whispering, so nobody else can hear.

I remember many times I would fall down to the ground and beg for an answer. My life wasn’t awful, but it was nowhere near what I knew I could be living. I was watching people create miracles, make changes, take leaps in life and business. I felt like I was doing a lot, but nothing on the outside was changing. Why not me???

It felt like there was me on one side of this stick—doing, shifting, trying. And on the other side of the stick was my true self, living my true life—somewhere far off in the distance, just out of reach.

I was sure it would happen… someday. Someday I would be that woman, someday it would all be different. My life would resemble my dreams. A year went by. Nothing changed. Well, except that I was a year older.

I knew I had so much potential in me, yet I was shrinking. I was surviving day to day, week to week, all for the promise of someday. “Someday it will change. Something HAS TO change!”

I know you’ve been at this for a long time. I know you have tried. I also know you have a mission. I know you have a vision hidden in your heart. I know you are tired of waiting for things to change so you can live your fullest potential, your most powerful, fulfilling life.

I know you are ready to create instead of waiting for something to change. It’s time. You are a creator; you are the one who creates the reality you are living in. You get to create in alignment with joy, pleasure and fulfillment.

I would like to help you, just like I have been helping others. Let’s talk! Book a call with me. Find out how my magic can help your magic come out and play.

~ Anna

14 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

Go Stop
Go Stop
Go Stop

Does this sound like your speed?
Do you hit the pedal and GO!

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13 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

– Spotlight –

I will put you in the spotlight
I can see your potential!
let me shrink my ego and myself
my potential I will not mention

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12 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

Do you use your POWER?
Or do you hide behind “I can’t” a lot?

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11 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

“I know Who I am”
“This is how I see myself”

AND (shhhh)
there is another ME
I am DYING to BE

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10 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

What do you stand for?
What makes you raise your fist?
Does it impact lives of others or does it make you flee?

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9 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

Are you holding your lips tight?
There are things you know are true but you don’t dare say them?

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8 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

Your map to fulfillment & success is in your hands
is the life you’re currently living
tying up your hands?

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3 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

MONEY does NOT keep me ALIVE
My ALIVENESS (life force) keeps me ALIVE

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