Anna Kowalska is Soul Purpose Catalyst, Transformation & Intuitive Coach, Hand Analyst, HighPriestess. She has an insatiable appetite for discovering how to help others feed that hunger that keeps them awake at night. Using Scientific Hand Analysis as the fail proof
guide, Anna guides her clients out of “there must be more to life than this!”, constant seeking, lack of fulfillment to soul level satisfaction, fulfillment in life and business, and living aligned with unique soul purpose.

“We are spirit living in a human body”. Anna’s initiations into a lineage of Alchemical Creation Priestesses,
Reiki training, Akashic records training, NLP, EFT and multitude of other modalities, help her connect to the unseen parts of us and the Universe.

Anna spent over a decade in Real Estate and Finance industry which gave her a very practical base and approach to life and business. She can set a solid goal, adjust her mindset and call in all powers while taking steps to creating the exact life she envisions for herself and for her clients.

In Anna’s words:

As Alchemical Creation High Priestess I use the power of the elements, dance of Feminine and Masculine. I am a practitioner of Law of Attraction and pretty much any Universal Law I can dig into. As a Certified Health Coach and certified personal trainer, I know how to guide transformation through the body, what habits can do to us and how important holistic approach to life is. Reiki certification gave me access to guiding energy. “Everything is energy, even you”.

Scientific Hand Analysis became a guiding tool and a jumping off ramp, because the lines on your hands never lie. That’s a lot woowoo and I love it. You must be open to it if you want to be in my world.

Yet, we are living in physical bodies and experience the physical world. We need to honor it and I am a practical woman. I use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), systems and structures, goals and routines, to keep myself and my clients on track.

I believe we are here for a reason and you have a unique purpose, that only you can fulfill. Every day you get to open your eyes and your feet hit the ground, it is an opportunity to step into Your Unique Purpose and make Your life mater.

I am on a mission to help everyone who wants to feel purpose and mission running through their bones, to step into what matters to them.

In my spare time I continue to deepen my education, spiritual practice and play with performance art.

In between and sometimes while I work, adventure sings to me. I answer the call and follow the song as often as I can, camping, off roading, exploring with my little furry baby Mikey and my partner.

My Life Purpose:
Living Life in the Public Spotlight, influencing people, raising consciousness as a service to my community.

Words of Praise

Anna is very skilled at showing more insight based on this “reading”. What to watch out for (when you’re on a student path) and when you feel the best (when on master path). Decision making style, etc. Everything made perfect sense. What I loved about the reading is that it wasn’t about mental headiness. The information is useful regardless what path one follows in terms of family decisions, work decisions, etc.