I help heart centered professionals discover their Unique Soul Purpose and Design, to create success in their business and life. As a Soul Purpose Catalyst, Transformation Mentor, and Hand Analyst I guide my clients out of burn out, overwhelm and “there must be more to life than this”, to fulfillment and soul level satisfaction in business and life.

You are a spirit living in a human body and are here for a reason. You have a purpose, higher than you know. You are the only one who can live this purpose in a very specific way. The world needs you to live on your purpose. When you don’t it’s like harmony is missing a note. It sounds good, but it is incomplete without you.


For as long as I remember I was chasing something in life. I never felt like  I was doing what i was meant to do.

I was able to quickly manifest perfect jobs and excel at them. Ideal visions of my work and contribution would show up within weeks and sometimes days, after I declared them as desires. I was highly recommended and offered positions, on regular bases. Nothing felt fulfilling. As if the desire belonged to somebody else.

I began questioning myself and my desires, “will I ever know what satisfaction with my works feels like?”.
If none of the opportunities I pursed and created felt like the right fit, maybe I am not meant for anything special or satisfying. I felt a fire in me, I was hard working, enthusiastic and contributed to every team, project, company I was ever a part of. But where was my peace of mind that I am doing what’s mine to do this lifetime?

In my mid twenties I fell into real estate.  I enjoyed over a decade of success in real estate and mortgage world. I was still restless. This wasn’t it. It paid the bills and some, but my heart and soul kept waking me up in the middle of the night with a deep hunger.

I heard a calling to venture out into a completely new area of expertise. But I had no idea what it was.

M body led me to learn about holistic nutrition and this began my career in the personal growth/coaching industry
I stumbled through many aspects of building a coaching business. In between my ebbs and flows, I organized events, helped publish books, built funnels, ran marketing campaigns. There were parts of my work and life that felt good, satisfying, enjoyable, but not fulfilling or satisfying, or exciting.

It wasn’t until my first Hand Analysis, that I finally started to feel hopeful about my work and my role in the world. Armed with a map that was in my hands, at all times, I started to take steps to build a fulfilling , soul satisfying life and contribute to the world in a way that inspires me, sparks me up, makes me jump out of bed.



Experience in the structure based finance, mortgage and real estate industries, gave me the foundation of a grounded, strategic container. My initiations into a lineage of Alchemical Creation Priestesses, training as a Scientific Hand Analysis, Reiki, Akashic Records, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner and multitude of other modalities help me connect to the unseen parts of us and the Universe to uncover the path to living on purpose, removing all blocks in physical, mental, emotional and energetic dimensions, then implementing practical protocol to create success.

My mission is to inspire YOU to discover Your Unique Soul Purpose and guide you in creating a life and business that is powerful, purposeful and prosperous.

Words of Praise

Anna is very skilled at showing more insight based on this “reading”. What to watch out for (when you’re on a student path) and when you feel the best (when on master path). Decision making style, etc. Everything made perfect sense. What I loved about the reading is that it wasn’t about mental headiness. The information is useful regardless what path one follows in terms of family decisions, work decisions, etc.