7 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

Tell me your desires.
Do you know what they are?

If they’re not very clear
You may have this star in your hand
A marking called “Desire Pollution”

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6 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

Who do you love dear?
Who loves you back?

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5 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

Do you ever feel like you’re standing outside,
Looking in at the life you wish you were living right now?

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4 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

How do YOU abandon yourself?

Wear your true colors.
Do you know what they are?

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3 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

MONEY does NOT keep me ALIVE
My ALIVENESS (life force) keeps me ALIVE

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2 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

What Life Lesson(s) are you here to learn?
What’s your BLIND SPOT?

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1 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

What do you HUNGER for?

If I ate:
one certification letter I earned – per day,
one job/title I held – per day,
one website I created for a business I started – per day,
I would be well fed for more than 90 days!

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0 of 21 “Notes from My Hands”

we need more people living on purpose

wouldn’t it be great to know what your is?

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