I guide people like You, through discovery of who it is you came here to be and live it powerfully and prosperously.

You are here for a reason. You have a UNIQUE SOUL PURPOSE that you came to fulfill, this lifetime.
Your soul purpose will keep calling you until you answer.

You are here to thrive!
You are here to create and live a life you love waking up to, while contributing in a way only YOU can, and being prosperous.

It starts with you knowing and owning Your Unique Soul Purpose.

If your life feels flat, without meaning.
If your business has become an obligation.
If you feel overwhelmed and unfulfilled.
If you know that you are here for a much bigger reason than to pay bills, but you have no idea what it is,  
you are ready to discover Your Soul Purpose.

You may have heard your soul already whisper it to you.
You may have heard your heart cry out for you to follow it.
Yet, still you wait, question, and ask for clarity.
Meanwhile time keeps ticking away minutes of your life.

Still you wonder.

Ask one last time and know that the answer is physically right there in your own hands.

When you know your purpose and more importantly OWN IT, doors open, life yields to your desire and your vision, synchronicities pave the path to you living your highest potential 

But, know this, nothing on the outside changes on its own.
New job, new city, new partner, new car, new wardrobe, none of it will fulfill the hole, the yearning, the hunger. None of it will change how your experience of life.

Change starts within you, first.

It starts with you finally trusting and seeing in your own hands and fully connecting with your Soul Purpose, with who you contracted to be this lifetime, at the soul level.
It all starts with Your Unique Soul Purpose.

Enter this journey knowing that nothing will ever be as challenging as you stepping into Your Unique Soul Purpose, and nothing will ever be as magical, fulfilling and rewarding.

Step in, if you’re ready to live your full potential, live on purpose, live connected to yourself and ALL THAT IS.

Step in if you know that nothing else, but your BEST VERSION OF YOU will do from now on.

Step in and know that you will be held with love, by somebody who has been walking this path and is not afraid to hold you to your highest vision of who you came here to be, as you dare to take each step into your magnificence.

Anna’s scientific hand analysis was so illuminating for me. It really helped me understand myself better and my path. It felt so affirming to hear things that have been internal struggles my whole life, and have practical ideas and tools for how to break free from those and start a new chapter that is way more visible and passion-filled than ever! I’m super excited to put all of these new-found understandings about myself into place. Thanks, Anna!


“Thanks to what I confirmed with your analysis, I could see the opportunity and clarity in saying YES to it. Do you see how amazing your hand analysis is??? If everyone operated from the wisdom in their hands, then fear would not be an issue.


“I highly recommend Anna’s services.  My session with Anna was incredibly insightful, very informative and simply fabulous.  I was impressed with the breadth of our discussion and the broad spectrum of perspectives she brought given her expertise in multiple modalities. Not only was I impressed with her talents that she brought to our session, I was very touched by her warmth, compassion and big heart.  In short, I highly recommend Anna!“