Few Ways to Play Together

Scientific Hand Analysis

Our fingerprints, lines and markings in our hands provide more direct look into ourselves than any other system of self discovery. Before you create anything in your life, make sure it is aligned with your Purpose, make sure you know what your Blind Spot is and check in on any Extra Potential Gift Markings, they may just be the boost you can use in life.

Dance & Paint

No Skill. No Experience. No Talent Required!
This is an experience that combines the alchemy that happens when we move our bodies to music, and the power of accessing the Divine through a creative activity of painting.

Creative Awakening Hour

Is your muse taking a nap?
Whether you are a creative, artist or never thought you could be, we all hit creative blocks of some kind. Usually they show up when we really need to create something, like a solution or hit a deadline.

This is for you if you find yourself there, where muse takes a nap.

Words of Praise

“I wanted to thank you again for yesterday’s reading and session.
I REALLY appreciate your direct honesty. I find it refreshing!”


Our hand analysis session is having incredible ripple effects in my life. You are waking people up with this work! Even those who thought we were awake! You are waking me up.  Many thanks and so much love!!


This was such an incredible experience. I just purchased another hand analysis and am gifting it to my friend.