Dance & Paint

No Skill. No Experience. No talent Required.


This is an experience. It is a prayer you give yourself. It awakens. It feeds. It stirs. It burns. It births.

Either you are called to it or not. You will know right away.
Sometimes first time participants feel a tinge of fear. Fear not, you cannot do this wrong.

Dancing & Painting have become my foundation when nothing else felt solid or sure.
Whenever I feel lost, uncertain, disconnected, stuck, I DANCE & PAINT.

Dance & Paint have been used as a form of connecting to the Divine for as long as records can show us. With dancing we call in our power, we unravel what is bound and stuck. With painting we give it form.

In a dimly lit space, hugged by energy of elements, guides and goddesses, we move to carefully curated music, chosen to help us free our bodies, feel what is hiding in the tight spaces that make us hold back our breath and life.

When ready we gently fall down to the ground and express this tightness with colors and strokes of paint on huge sheets of white paper.

You will not walk away with a “piece of art” (but you can take what you create with you).

I will not teach you how to paint.
I will not teach you how to dance.
I will create sacred space for you to know what freedom (your unique sensation of freedom) and expression feels like.
And that my dearest darling is priceless.

It will be sacred.
As High Priestess I bring the sacredness of a ceremony to this experience.
It will be safe, it will be fun, it will be creative.

You will be guided by your unique Divine Expression.

It will be up to you how much you are willing to open, receive and create.

And there are only right ways to have this experience, so you cannot do it “wrong”.