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14 of 21 “Notes from Hands”


I will put you in the spotlight
I can see your potential!
Let me shrink my ego and myself
My potential I will not mention

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12 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

Do you use your POWER
Or do you hide behind “I can’t”

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11 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

“I know Who I am”
“This is how I see myself”
AND (shhhh)
there is another ME

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10 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

What do you stand for?
What makes you raise your fist?
Does it impact lives of others or does it make you flee?

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9 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

Are you holding your lips tight?
There are things you know are true but you don’t dare say them?

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8 of 21 “Notes from my hands”

Your map to fulfillment & success is in your hands
is the life you’re currently living
keeping your hands tied up?

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7 of 21  “Notes from Hands”

Tell me your desires.
Do you know what they are?
If they’re not very clear
You may have this star in your hand
A marking called “Desire Pollution”

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6 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

How do you love?
How do you need to be loved back?

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5 of 21  “Notes from Hands”

Do you ever feel like you’re standing outside,
Looking in at the life you wish you were living?

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4 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

How do YOU abandon yourself?

Wear your true colors.
Do you know what they are?

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3 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

MONEY does NOT keep me ALIVE

My ALIVENESS (life force) keeps me ALIVE

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2 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

What Life Lesson(s) are YOU here to learn?
When did I stop trusting others?
Was it when I had to take a bath against my will?

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1 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

If I ate
one certification letter I earned – per day,
one job/title I held – per day,
one website I created for a business I started – per day,

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0 of 21 “Notes from Hands”

we need more people living on purpose
wouldn’t it be great to know what your is?

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