Who Am I?

My name is Anna Kowalska, I’m an Artist, Scientific Hand Analyst and Transformational Coach. I have an insatiable appetite for showing people how to feed that hunger that keeps them awake at night. I guide my clients out of “almost”, “someday”, “when I____, then___”, and into a life that is filled with possibility, creativity and rich fulfillment.
As High Priestess I use the power of the elemental creation, and a guidance of Scientific Hand Analysis, skill of NLP, Law of Attraction and super dialed in intuition to design and facilitate individual and group experiences.

In my spare time I continue to deepen my education, spiritual practice and play with performance art.
In extra spare time I hike the beautiful Rockies with my little four legged bestie, Mikey.

My Life Purpose:
Visionary Artist in the Spotlight, raising consciousness of love and money as a service to my community.
And I make it my business to follow it myself, every day.

Words of Praise

Anna is very skilled at showing more insight based on this “reading”. What to watch out for (when you’re on a student path) and when you feel the best (when on master path). Decision making style, etc. Everything made perfect sense. What I loved about the reading is that it wasn’t about mental headiness. The information is useful regardless what path one follows in terms of family decisions, work decisions, etc.