This was an amazing experience. Transformative and exactly what I needed!
Thank you Anna! I look forward to doing work with you in the future!


“Thanks to what I confirmed with your analysis, I could see the opportunity and clarity in saying YES to it. Do you see how amazing your hand analysis is??? If everyone operated from the wisdom in their hands, then fear would not be an issue.


This was such an incredible experience. I just purchased another hand analysis and would like to gift it to my friend.


Someday does not exist. It’s a way to keep you where you are, even if you don’t like where you are.
Need for clarity is a delay tactic. Suffering is optional.
You are here to thrive and to contribute in a way that makes you jump out of bed.
To love life with an open heart.

Beyond all the shoulds and musts and fake responsibilities,
there is a life waiting for you to love. You are the only one who can live it.

It starts with hands. The lines are the map and I help you decode it.

That’s it. You just gave up your last excuse to wait until “someday”.

Life shifts when you shift. Nothing outside changes on its own.
Circumstances are brought to you life by you, they do not exist apart from you.
You decide if they serve you or not. The trick is, you are the center and creator of your life and from that place it is impossible for you to see what and how you need to shift.

You know what you want to change, what you are done with and what you want more of,
but how to make it happen is a mystery.

This is where I come in as your guide.
We work together to put you in your desired circumstances, living more expressed life, feeling accepted, fulfilled, heard, seen, loved like the woman you know is waiting for you live your life.
Stop waiting for “someday”.

Let’s do it NOW!

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