For notes of inspiration

Life got so much better when I stopped fighting myself,
started to listen to my purpose and live by my soul’s agreement.

Activate Your Purpose
& Creative Flow

“Why are things just not working out like they used to.”
“Life used to be so much easier, I can’t seem to get back in the flow.”
“My life is too small for who I am.”
“I keep hitting the same wall, having the same empty experiences.”
“I feel like I am bursting but can’t break through.”
“I wake up hungry in the middle of the night. I know it’s a deep hunger for something,
not for food, but I eat to stop so I can fall asleep again.”

Is this you?    It was me.

My Purpose, My Soul’s Agreement was confirmed for me by my hands.
What I have known and hid from for most of my life, was etched in the lines on my finger tips,
drawn by the stars and lines in the palms of my hands.

Once, I got the confirmation from my hands, I had to take myself on.
I chose to look deeply at my beliefs and my fears and face the truth
– Create my life on purpose or live in confusion, despair and die with regret –


Living on purpose is a portal to FULFILLMENT, FREEDOM, LOVE and yes, MONEY.

Come with me on this journey.
Let me help you get in your flow, reawaken your creative expression and align with the spirit.

Words of Praise

“I wanted to thank you again for yesterday’s reading and session.
I REALLY appreciate your direct honesty. I find it refreshing!”


This was an amazing experience. Transformative and exactly what I needed!
Thank you Anna! I look forward to doing work with you in the future!


This was such an incredible experience. I just purchased another hand analysis and would like to gift it to my friend.