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“I wanted to thank you again for yesterday’s reading and session.
I REALLY appreciate your direct honesty. I find it refreshing!”


This was an amazing experience. Transformative and exactly what I needed!
Thank you Anna! I look forward to doing work with you in the future!


This was such an incredible experience. I just purchased another hand analysis and would like to gift it to my friend.


Stop living SOMEDAY life!

Someday does not exist. It’s a way to keep you where you are, even if you don’t like where you are.
Need for clarity is a delay tactic. Suffering is optional.
You are here to thrive and to contribute in a way that makes you jump out of bed.
To love life with an open heart.

Beyond all the shoulds and musts and fake responsibilities,
there is a life waiting for you to love. You are the only one who can live it.

It starts with hands. The lines are the map and I help you decode it.

That’s it. You just gave up your last excuse to wait until “someday”.
Let’s do it NOW!